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San Diego Home Film Location Rental

It’s a Wrap! Perfect San Diego Film Location Rental! Estate Home in the Hills of Fallbrook, California
Estate Film Location Rental in San Diego CountyEstate Film Location Rental in San Diego County
Thanks Film Locations Wanted, our Video Project was a success.We were seeking a San Diego location to shoot a video project on how to fly drones. When looking for a location our considerations were a park or a beach setting.The trouble was we were worried that shooting at those locations were going to attract too many people.Then I turned to film locations wanted and was directed to a new location that was just listed on the web site.

I looked at the profile photos and saw it was located in Fallbrook, California and we are based in San Diego.We wanted a park like backdrop but were seeking the privacy needed to insure no distractions. The Fallbrook location appeared to be ideal so we set up an appointment to scout.Once I laid my eyes on the property I knew it would be perfect for our project. 3 acres of a park like setting with beautiful views of the mountains.

The owner was friendly and willing to work with us. I mentioned we were bringing in pilots from out of town and they would be staying at a hotel. The owner offered two guests rooms for our talent for two nights which again was perfect for our needs.This would mean that the pilots could bring in their expensive equipment and have plenty of security and room to set up and prepare to fly without any trouble. We negotiated a price, set up arrival time for the out of town talent and left. The day of the shoot the crew arrived and we commenced to set up. The pilots were already working on the equipment and testing when we got there.

The accommodations that the owner provided were just perfect. The two side by side guest rooms led directly out to the rear of the property where we planned to shoot. An ideal situation. This location gave us the acres we needed to fly the drones and additional picture perfect covered areas to shoot other segments for demonstration purposes.

The owner was just great too, she set up a continental breakfast for our guests as well as helped set up lunch for everyone. I could not have asked for a better location and will consider it for future shoots whether it be for video or photography.

The estate has a main house with 6000 sq. feet of living space and an additional guest house. The main house has a massive kitchen, living room and entertainment room. She gave me a tour of the property and I could envision a number of ideal uses for both our photography and video projects.

I highly recommend if you are seeking a film or photography location in San Diego County, you consider this property for your needs. The house is spacious, well lit and has a number of rooms. There is an orange grove, large park like back area, Koi Pond, pool, barbecue facilities and much more.

And best of all the owner was film friendly and did everything in her power to make sure that everyone was comfortable and needs for production were attended to. The owner was even dog friendly and allowed us to bring our mascot who travels with us on some projects. He too gives this location a BIG 10 paws.

Estate Film Location Rental in San Diego CountyEstate Film Location Rental in San Diego County
One of my favorite, nothing went wrong shoots of the year. Thank you again, and anytime we need a film location rental we will check your web site to see what you have available. WebmasterDeveloper – Project Coordinator
San Diego house for filming location rental

San Diego Home Film Location 


Rented my New Jersey Home for Movies!

I Rented my New Jersey Home for Movie and Television Commercial!

New Jersey Home Film Location RentalAfter the staff at Film Locations Wanted helped me set up my property location profile as a filming location rental, we got to work on 2 projects.  One shooting was in the mid of summer, and the other one at the end of summer.  We enjoyed the whole experience very much. The first project was for a feature film with a lot of younger actors & actresses.

Some of the actresses had to stay over.  We were happy that we were able to accommodate them and opened one of the big rooms for them to stay over.  Some of them came with parents for the day, and we provided a room where they could sit, wait, nap, snack and relax.

They told me that they loved the fact that we have so many rooms in our house for them to shoot, and for the filming crews to rest comfortably during the breaks. For the first project, most of the scenes were shot in the family and dining rooms.  A few scenes were shot in our office, foyer, different hallways of the house and even in our garden and backyard.  Our family got to also be in a background, (for maybe 2 seconds!!!), when they shot a ‘park’ scene in our backyard.
House in new jersey filming location rentalOne of the main actresses of this project loved sitting in our front lawn, enjoying the cool breeze and the open land.  The whole crew spent 3-4 days at our place, and may come back to finish up once the weather is warmer.

The second project was for a TV show.  It was a one day shooting and they did the shooting in different  teams and in different locations.  They first unloaded all their equipment in our 3-car garage and made it their equipment center for the day. They used one of our bedrooms, both of our dining rooms, and the sitting area by the fireplace.

It was a beautiful day, and my husband told me that it was so fun to see how much everyone enjoyed and complemented on our resort-like patio and backyard because as soon as they got to take a break, they would all zoom out to the patio and enjoy sitting outside. Large kitchen film location

We arranged a lot of sitting areas so everyone could enjoy. Too bad they did not have time to enjoy the outdoor fire-pit in the evenings. I had very good experiences with both firms. They were very nice, professional, and respectful.  They finished working on time as they told us.

They cleaned up and put everything back nicely for us before they left our house.  In summary they respected the house as they had promised. Some of the comments from both firms were that there were lots of rooms in our house where people could wait, relax, calm down, and even to arrange equipment and to shoot.

Both firms were appreciative for our assistance and our willingness to help when needed.  They said they would like to come back since they are many more rooms, and spaces that they could use.  I am looking forward to host more filming projects. Thank you for all your help.

Ping-View my property profile by clicking here

Floating Homes Filming Locations

“History of Floating Homes on Richardson’s Bay”

Sausalito floating homes have a history that stretches over a century.

Waterfront living goes as far back as the 1880s, when colonies of “arks” existed. Used chiefly as warm weather recreational bases, they were designed to float on the bay waters at high tide and to sit on the mud flats at low tide. They were also pulled ashore during the winter. After the earthquake and fire of 1906, many arks were adapted for full-time residential use by families left homeless.

When the World War II liberty shipyards in Sausalito were returned to civilian use, free spirits, artists and philosophers like Alan Watts and Jean Varda began living on abandoned ferries and houseboats made from surplus military vessels such as landing craft and lifeboats. This artistic and cultural center greatly expanded during the peace and love era of the 1960s.

There are approximately 400 floating home berths In Sausalito in 5 designated residential marinas.

The Floating Homes are also a great place for filming.  Movies like “Sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Rayan ” was shot in Seattle.  “Murder In The First” with Kevin Bacon and Christian Slater and e “Alcatraz:  The Movie” are among the many other movies and others are currently being filmed and are in the works.


Los Angeles Film Friendly Location Rental

Your company has been truly wonderful and has brought us some great jobs!!! Thank you!

Below are a few pictures from the shoot yesterday and also a link to a final production that was also shot at our home.

The shoot at the house was a one day shoot for a YouTube cooking show. The link I sent you was the finished product from their shoot last month at our home. The production is run by Adrian Pacheco at KIN communications. Adrian and his staff treat our home like it is their own.

They are always prompt and very professional. The pictures I sent were from them setting up the camera and lighting in the kitchen.

Thank you again for this opportunity FilmLocationsWanted. We hope that we can continue the relationship with Adrian and his team.
L. Perkins

Los Angeles Film Friendly Location Rental

Looking for a film friendly location rental in Los Angeles?

West Los Angeles House Filming Location Rental

Spacious, ultra modern recently remodeled Rancho Park 2-story. Great room with high ceilings and architectural ceilings, chefs kitchen with two huge islands ideal for kitchen scenes, easy camera set-up. Kitchen was the recent winner of a kitchen design challenge. read more….






List Your Property as a Film Location


We pride ourselves on offering location scouts and production personnel varied and unique locations.

Our extensive location database continues to grow with a varied offering of  homes, businesses and unique locations from all over the planet. We offer photos, details and owner contact to hook up production personnel for feature films, student films, made for television movies, web series, TV commercials, music videos, still photography shoots and event venues for corporate and private venues.

If you would like your home, business or any type of property considered as a potential filming location, please list it for display to location scouts. Just register and set up a location profile. We will review your submission and if approved, your location offering will be added to our website and sent out to our community.

Please be sure to follow instruction to insure your property is accepted:

Locations must be submitted with a minimum of one photo with no people in the shot. Provide as many photographs as possible without people please. The more photos the better to assist a scout who is seeking a location.

NOTE: Once you submit your location profile and it is approved, you will be able to edit, however, to increase the chances of getting approved, you need to make sure your profile is complete including contact information and LOTS of details about your property and the surrounding area. If you are listing your home or a unique building, be sure to include as many varied photos inside and out.

PHOTOS: You do NOT need professional photos of your property, however photos of your location need to be recent, they must be clear (not blurry), and represent your property to a scout who wants to see what your location looks like interior and exterior.

If there are areas of your property you do not wish to offer, be sure to put that in your listing profile.

Listing a filming location rental

Renting your property as a film, photography or event venue


film location house

As a location specialist at Film Locations Wanted I get all sorts of questions from owners who want to rent their property as a film or photography location rental.

The first often asked question is “will my home or business be a good location rental?”  Our continued response is that all types of locations are used for filming. Everything from dilapidated homes to mansions and estates, to entire villages. We have received all sorts of requests from scouts looking for venues from all over the world. One of the most difficult was a burned out village for a feature film. There are just not that many burned out villages in the U.S.

Any type of location is a potential filming prospect. Many movies, television programs, commercials and photography projects are shot on location. So when you are considering offering up your property as a location rental, it does not matter what or where it is in the world, or what shape it is in,  any place can be used depending on what the production company needs to shoot their scenes.

Another popular question we are asked is “How much should I charge?” And our reply is “That just depends on what a production company has allotted in their budget for locations.” All production companies have a budget. Have you ever heard about a film that has gone over budget?

An owner needs to negotiate with the production company on the price. Considerations for the owner to decide to rent will  include are how many days are they going to need the location, how many on set cast and crew with be there? Will they need the facilities, the electric and how much dressing of the location will be done? We advise owners to consider that after all questions are answered to ask themselves if the price the production company is willing to pay is worth it to them?

There really is no set price on the charge of renting out your property. It is very similar to renting to anyone not only production companies.  What do you want as remuneration for allowing a film or photography project to use your home or business?

A final note: Many people ask us when or if their location will be used. We really cannot answer that question because it just depends on what scenes are needed to shoot. Example: If a production is looking for an abandoned house and you have a residential home in a gated community, then the chances of them inquiring are nil. If they are seeking an industrial area and you have a commercial building in a shopping center, then your property will not be considered. So with that said, it is a matter of what types of locations are needed at the time.

Our best advice: If you want to offer your property, list it. Include photos, LOTS of details about your property and easy to contact you information. Keep it on the site for as long as possible and allow scouts to review for current or future projects.

No matter what type of property you own, it can be a potential location rental.  Just keep in mind as you watch television or films or see a photo taken on location you will be surprised as you will notice that the possibilities are endless as far as what type of location will be needed.




Film Location in Arizona Gammons Gulch

Blood and Whiskey Begins Filming at Gammons Gulch

Thanks FilmLocationsWanted!!

I am getting inquiries like every day lately. I give the credit to you and your hard work at getting us out there.

We love you!!
Joanne & Jay Gammons

Being filmed at Gammons Gulch is “Blood and Whiskey”. Produced and Directed by Tyson Smith.

Here are a few crew shots as they work. Also a shot of the New Food Truck from Tucson called Joazarellis Gourmet Food Truck & Full Service Catering. Great food all day long! Felt like I was downtown New York City!!



New Jersey Film Location House

Our Experience With Hosting Film Production Companies 

New Jersey Home Film Location Rental
by Kirti K.


New Jersey film locaiton

Opening our home to film producers was one of the best ideas that ever came to our doorway. This all started when a director from India told us that he really liked our house and wanted to shoot a scene for his movie in my (Kirti) pink room. The opportunity literally knocked on our door! Unfortunately, the director was unable to go forward with the idea. Still, I (Kirti) was determined to try again and I really wanted my pink bedroom to become famous so I started looking for ideas. Like any other 21st century child, I turned to the most reliable source of information: Google. I typed out “advertise your house for movie shootings” into Google and the first link that came up was “”

The process to register your home was very easy– I filled out the detailed information and included my best photos. Since I had more photos, I also included a link to my drop-box that I could constantly update as the seasons went on. Additionally, I had my friends review my information and took their advice as to which parts of my house they thought looked the nicest.


Within a few months of posting the advertisement, our first phone call came! A young director named Jay contacted me (Kirti) and asked if it would be possible for him to come by and take a look at the house. He was “scouting” the location, which is just another way of saying that someone from the film production company would take a tour of the house and see if the location fit their needs. Jay explained to me that most of the time, scouts look at several locations, take photos, and will only choose a location after discussing finance, logistics, and preferences with their team. Jay’s production crew was only about 10 people, though he did tell me that it is not uncommon to have 50 people on a production crew. After seeing my location, Jay decided that it would definitely be a good idea to shoot.
new jersey film locationThere are a couple of things that should be done before the scouting process. First of all, it is important to make sure to ask everyone in the household if they are okay with their bedrooms being used and if they were fine with the common areas being used. This should be done before the advertisement is even placed! Secondly, it is important to make clear which rooms cannot be used and which rooms can be used beforehand. If a room cannot be used for filming, do not post it in the ad! For example, we have a prayer room that is solely used for praying, and we made it clear to every location scout that no one was allowed near that room. Additionally, other ground rules should also be made clear amongst the family members. For example, my brother (Manish) made it clear that no one was allowed to see the room in the morning when he was asleep, and my mother (Maya) made it clear that shoes are not allowed to be worn in the house during scouting and actors can have their shoes during the shots but should not track mud into the house. Finally, it is important to keep every member of the household as informed as possible and as included in everything as much as possible. Make sure every member of the household feels the price is fair, and make sure someone from the household is willing to stay at home during the shooting as well to help out with anything people may need. Communication amongst the family is key, and it will make the experience much more pleasant for everyone.

As for “scouting,” there are a couple of things that should also be kept in mind. First of all, remember that “scouting” does not guarantee that your location will be used. As I mentioned before, production companies are usually looking at several locations at a time so do not get your hopes up just because someone wants to come see your place. However, be respectful- keep in mind that if you happen to have the home that fits their needs, you will be getting a handsome compensation in return. Secondly, be sure to keep time into consideration when giving tours of your house. Location scouts often want to know the basics: how old the house is, how big your property is, what spaces they are allowed to use, where they can park their car, where they can set up food for the cast and crew, what rooms are off-limits, and the times that they are allowed to use the space. Be sure to make all of this information very clear as you are giving a tour of the house. Most importantly when giving the tour, stick to the point and keep your descriptions concise. Location scouts really do not have much time on their hands and they are only really here to come see the place and take photos. If they ask for more information, be sure to give it to them but do not go into unnecessary details that are irrelevant to the shoot. Do be sure to make your “house rules” clear to the person who is scouting your location. Finally, be sure to thank the location scout for the interest in your home. Remember, someone wanting to visit your home is indirectly a compliment to your taste in furniture and design. Be happy that someone appreciates the hard work you put into making your home look so nice and be even more thankful that someone is willing to pay you for having good taste!

After the house tour, be patient in waiting for the directors to call back. If they think your location fits, they will either agree to the price you listed online or attempt to bargain with you. It is up to you to decide how much you are willing to negotiate, but please do make sure that the other household members are informed of your decision. Also be sure to make it clear how payment will be made- either a personal paypal account can be used for credit cards or personal checks can be written to the homeowners. Finally, once the location has been “locked,” it is time to work out the deeper logistics. First and foremost, make sure that the production company has insurance and will be held liable for anything that gets broken. All companies are required to issue a “certificate of insurance” that includes the homeowner’s name, address, and the dates that they will be using the property. It is crucial to make sure you have a copy of the certificate of insurance with you, as you will need it just in case something gets broken! In my experience, our property has not been damaged and the crew made sure to take care of everything so most likely, you will not need to worry. Secondly, my family was very particular on knowing exactly what times each room would be used and for how long. It would be in everyone’s best interest if you could ask for a copy of the filming schedule for the day. This schedule is generally already passed out to everyone on the crew, and it includes the exact times that filming will occur and where. Be sure that you have a written copy, and make it very clear to all of the family members when all of the rooms will be used.

Keep in mind that companies tend to run behind schedule; so do not treat this schedule as an absolute timeframe. Instead, use it as a guide to inform your family members so that everyone can adjust their lifestyle accordingly. For example, the kitchen was going to be used for a shot between 4pm-7pm, so I made sure to tell my mom and she chose to cook dinner beforehand and leave it in the fridge for us to heat up later. In another case, my sister’s (Chetna) bedroom was going to be used for a shot from 8:00am-9:00am on a Saturday. She chose to sleep in the guest bedroom the night before so she wouldn’t get disturbed. Additionally, be sure to co-ordinate with family members and make sure that someone can be home to open the door and someone is there to lock up. It would be best if a family member can stay home the entire time of the shoot, but if that is not possible, be sure to let the production crew know exactly when you will not be home and leave them with a cell phone number so that they can contact you for things. Finally, it is best if one person on the production team is designated as the person of contact between the family and the rest of the crew. Ideally, one family member and one member of the crew should be in charge of making sure all things go smoothly and that both parties are comfortable with each other. This way, any conflicts that may arise can be easily resolved and there is little chance of miscommunication. It is best if that one designated person from the production company is introduced to all of the family members beforehand, and it would be nice if one member of the household is willing to introduce him/herself to everyone on the production team as well.

It is very important to keep away personal items from rooms before the day of the shoot. Remember, the set designers will need to remove all personal pictures and may even need to put up other pieces of their own. Be prepared for this- lock away any expensive jewelry, put special heirlooms in drawers, and anything you do not want touched should be kept away. When the day of our first film shoot came, we were both excited and nervous. My (Kirti) first thought that morning was, “I really hope everyone in the house is okay with the idea and that nothing awkward happens.” My (Kirti) other thought was, “wow, I cannot believe my house is cool enough to be in a music video.” Regardless, that day was a turning point for me because it would be a new adventure for my entire family. My family was given our first $500.00 check an hour before the rest of the crew came to set up. It is really important to make sure that you are paid beforehand and that you receive a copy of the certificate of insurance beforehand. The director also made it clear that everyone would be out of the house at the latest by 8:00pm and he was given my cell phone number in case he needed me while I was out. All members of the cast and crew were very polite; they also made sure to order food for us since we could not use our kitchen. The final video also came out great.

Our second experience was with CDM studios. They also found us through film locations wanted. They were a larger production company, had a larger crew, and were very organized and professional. Everyone- cast and crew- wore booties whenever working in the home (except for on film). Everyone was also very respectful of our belongings and only moved things that needed to be moved. Working with CDM studios was a pleasure: all of the actors hung out in the living room and stayed there the entire time. The designated liaison between the family and the production house was very sweet to everyone in the family! CDM studios actually came for two days and we charged them $1,000.00 per day. They gave us a copy of the certificate of insurance beforehand, and they made sure we got our check before the shoot started. They also told me what days they were using what rooms so the family could plan accordingly.

They were very strict about time: they came in at 8:00am on the dot and left at 7:59pm on the dot! Best of all, they gave me a role for a side character! I got to sit at the dinner table for a scene and I was very clearly in the shot! I (Kirti) can now cross “being on TV” off my bucket list, and it was just a wonderful experience to be included in the episode! At the end of the shoot, I also gave everyone on the set my personal contact information. They told me that if they knew of anyone looking for a location, they would be happy to give them my information.
Filming location theaterOverall, hosting different production companies for video shoots has been a pleasant experience. Every experience has taught me something new to love about my house. My tip to all homeowners is to be very open to the idea, but also very clear on what kinds of things are allowed in your home. For example, if your religion does not permit alcohol in the home, you definitely want to make that clear beforehand. Also keep in mind filmlocationswanted charges a very small fee compared to what you will earn if your house is chosen to be included in a project. You also never know what parts of your house production companies will like! I never imagined that the brick wall in my basement would be anything more than just a brick wall, but actually, it was used in the first music video shot in our house! After every shoot, I chose to increase my price slightly. Also note that smaller companies may not be able to compensate you as much as larger companies, so be sure to leave room for negotiation. However, be fair- if a company is paying you less than what you deserve, they should be respectful and only be allowed to shoot at certain times of the day and only for a certain amount of hours. Above all,  my biggest advice to all homeowners is to have fun with this.

This is your chance to be an entrepreneur and generate extra income for your family. It’s the ultimate experience of running your own business where you are your own boss. If your family is going through tough financial times, or you really want to raise money to pay off your student loans, marketing your house really is not a bad idea. You never know what can happen, and you don’t lose much either if something does not work out.



Film Location Stories


Our newer members want to know what to expect when their property is used as a location, event or photography rental. Share your knowledge, stories and experiences with those who are  unfamiliar with the location rental industry;  and to thank you for your input, we will give you a free year listing on FilmLocationsWanted.

Tell us about your filming location rental experiences! Has your house or business been used as a location venue for filming, events or photography?

We are interested in spreading knowledge, tips, stories and suggestions of what it is like to rent out your venue with other users of the site.

Submit your experiences, tips or suggestions and if we accept and publish on our web site, you will receive an entire year listing with the ability to display up to 12 photos on your location profile at no charge; and this offer is for all current and new members.

Current members. If you already have a profile on our site, you will be upgraded or have your current profile extended for a year and or upgraded to our full featured profile listing.

New Members, if you do not have a listing on the web site but have something to share and we publish, you will receive a complimentary listing for one year on FLW. (note all winners Must have a minimum of one photo of their property before the year listing will be activated)

To share your experiences and understanding and to receive an extended year location profile  listing. Complete the form below and submit today.


Is your experience about a home, business or props?

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Have you received calls that resulted in an appointment to see your property? Tell us about it.

Have you actually booked a project to rent your property and how many times?

What did you charge for the use of your property and how long did the company use it.

Have you rented out props?

Tell us about your experience

Do you have any tips or suggestions for those who are new to renting out their property?

For security, please enter the characters below
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Thank you for your input, you will be contacted within 24 hours if your submission is selected to appear on the site as well as assistance on how to get your year listing implemented.


James Heard Eaton Canyon Treatment Center

Eaton Canyon Treatment Center Upscale Residential Treatment Facility- Film Friendly Location in Pasadena, California.

filming locaiton stock location rental in Pasadena, CaliforniaThe sprawling Eaton Canyon Treatment Center is listed on our web site and now available to the film industry as a location rental for production projects. is proud to support the Eaton Canyon Treatment center as a featured location rental. Eaton Canyon targets mature adults with drug and alcohol dependencies.

We caught up with the founder of Eaton Canyon; Mr. James Heard who is also founder and operator of Eaton Canyon Foundation, a non-profit 501C3 which provides human services to low/no income individuals and families in need of shelter, food and  medical services.

Mr. Heard indicated that the Eaton Canyon facility has saved many lives throughout the years providing treatment services and also supports the Eaton Canyon Foundation with proceeds from the treatment center.


We asked Mr. James Heard about Eaton Canyon Treatment Center as a film location. “By using the treatment center as a unique and spacious location for your next project, you will not only get a upscale versatile filming venue,  you will also be helping the treatment center in their efforts in helping the Eaton Canyon Foundation.


Los Angeles, California Film location rental Eaton Canyon estateEaton Canyon Treatment Center is excited to help support the film industry and welcomes any size production including photography projects.


Mr. Heard wants every production company to know that the Eaton Canyon Treatment Center is available for large or small projects such as full scale production to independent production crews and to film students from the Los Angeles Film Schools in the city. The treatment center has received a number of requests from film schools students to use the treatment center residence for their class and thesis projects.


The Eaton Canyon Treatment Center is worthy stock location to consider for your next project if you need an estate with large spacious rooms with the ability to turn them into what is needed for your scene(s).


James Heard Eaton Canyon Treatment Center Film Location RentalThe unique location is a 6100 square feet tri-level estate situated in the foothills of Pasadena, California but sits in the un-incorporated area of Los Angeles County.


James Heard says the treatment center estate offers spacious 6/bedrooms, a large commercial kitchen, high cathedral  ceilings to accommodate lighting equipment, 2 large  fireplaces, 3 offices, a billiard/game room, an inside exercise room, and the back of the property has a penthouse as well as and upper and lower patios.”


Mr. Heard mentioned that Eaton Canyon Treatment Center would even assist with extras if needed, many of the residents and other associate agencies will be an available resource.


This great location understands production budgets and the center is sure to do their very best to accommodate production location needs within their financial constraints.


Production personnel seeking location rental estate homes in Los Angeles County, should call owner Judith Wilson if interested in booking this location.



Eaton Canyon Treatment Center – Pasadena, California
Judith Wilson
Phone: (626) 798- 0150


Judith Wilson – Owner and operator of Eaton Canyon Treatment Center

Mr. James Heard  – Founder of Eaton Canyon Treatment Center

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Location scouting
So you have a script and a budget and a crew and you want to make a movie!!!  A great article by John Montana and a link to his newest short film "Hungry"

Greetings From The Gulch
Saturday I have a music video filming. Should be fun! I also have a one day production on the 30th of May. Still working with another production and are getting close to setting a time to film. So things are looking pretty good right now. Your website has been a great help. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you've done to make this happen. J. Gammons
Student Films

San Diego location shootWhy Rent Your Property For Student Films? Owners ask us if they should consider renting their property to student filmmakers, producers and directors... read more

It’s a Wrap!

San Diego location shootThanks Film Locations Wanted, our Video Project was a success. We were seeking a San Diego location to shoot a video project on how to fly drones... read more

Our Experience
Our Experience With Hosting Film Production Companies 
Opening our home to film producers was one of the best ideas that ever came to our doorway. This all started when a director from India told us that he really liked our house and wanted to shoot a scene for his movie... read more
I Rented My New Jersey Home!
New Jersey home film locationWe Hosted a Film & TV Commercial! After the staff at Film Locations Wanted helped us set up our property location profile as a filming location rental, we got to work on 2 projects... read more
Filming at the Gulch
Arizona film locations
Blood and Whiskey Begins Filming at Gammons Gulch. Thanks FilmLocationsWanted!! I am getting inquiries like every day lately. I give the credit to you and your hard work at getting us out there.